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We will welcome and be happy to give the contact details of the guests with whom you wish to verify. We have also provided some email addresses so that you may Verify. Guests have come ,stayed with as tourist for long stays starting from Delhi and spinal surgery, dental work, cosmetic surgery, medical tourism, visiting Taj Mahal ,Corbett Park, Varanasi etc. Our location is such that it allows forays in all directions easily, with easy access to freeways etc. Located in Maharani Bagh, a quiet and secure neighborhood south of the city center. We are located just off the ring road, so getting anywhere in Delhi is easy.

Thomas Knutsen Norway 9 oct 08

Thank you for such a nice experience. I am really happy with my choice.

Craig Lutwyler New Jersey USA . 9th Oct 2008

Great stay And very Welcoming . Accepted as if i was a family member . Anytime in Delhi I will always stay here. Such a nice and quiet place away from loud traffic. thanks for everything!!

Andrea Patterson. Working in Time Place Dubai from New Zealand

Thanks for such a great hospitality. I really do not have word to describe the stay . Nice experiences .

Markus Weber & susanne Kempe Weber. Switzerland 9th sept 2008.

Dear Ajay and Purnima , Thanks we really had a wonderful time staying at your house and we ate Delhi Best Samosas. Markus and I wouls love to visit again next time if we will be in India. Thank you so much for your warm welcome!!!! ??????? ( Thank You) ??? ????? (meet you again).

Heidi Swank Las Vegas 22 May 08

Thank you very much it was really fantastic to stay with u all.

Fortine Camille Baregase. France 3rd May 08

I will miss you my friends !! Take care of you . with love Camillia. PS. come ones to South France You will be our guest in middle of Nature . Pleasee Purnima Please donot just Plan it do come !!!

Thomas from Germany 24th april 08.

Wonderful and warm welcome at this family. really enjoyed the stay here . thanks especially for nice evenings and cold Beers. If i would come to delhi you will be first one to be asked for my homestay.

Gillette Family. Los Angeles. USA 18th June 08.

Very friendly helpful and thank you for wonderful stay !! Great Food ! Good Luck - Gracias por todo.

Janice Harvey/Surrender Kilam/ Amy. Rivermount. Canada 19april 08.

Excellent Stay. Enjoyed meeting with you. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality. Hope to see you soon.

Alicia Salvatore. El Cernto, CA, USA. April 7, 2008

Trip to delhi was fantastic thank you Ajay for arranging car for us and for your Warm and loving Hospitality. Looking forward to seeing you all when i return to New Delhi. Dhannyawad (thank you).

Matt and Rebecca Shelley Surry, UK. 5th April 08.

Well we were her only for 1 day, but we have seen so much! Delhi is assault on the senses. Thank you for your hospitality, you were really friendly to us. Thanks for wonderful day with you all. Many Thanks.

Paco zatarain & Maria Heminia de Losada Mexico, USA March 29th 08

Relaxing stay on my trip with my mother I cannot express in words but i really felt like my another home in India.Really enjoyed every bit of moment with Ajay an his family.I went to a very good resturants which ajay recommended us. The beds were really comfortable better than other hotels. anyone looking to enquire abou this stay can mail me at

Elisabetta Giuspoli Italy, 1 April 2008

Beautifull house and garden(very Important)beautifully organised, and managed .very clean and safe ,looked after with an amazing care.Even on energetic aspect,really good and peaceful place in side Delhi.So good family Managing B&b, Very Kind and Lovely People., Blog -

Sorry ,i know That i stayed for 1 night and spent a good portion of that time locked away in my room,But thanks for the help you gave while i was around.I appreciate your hospitality.

Richard and Stephanie Fitzmaurice. US Ambassy in Uzbekistan. 24/2/08

Thanks again for hosting us and all of your assistance, We had a wonderful time .we will definetly recommend your bed and breakfast to our friends.

Caraccio Family Bill, Christina, Chiara, Mina & WilliamAmbassy in Uzbekistan.

Thanks for such a nice stay At your home . We really enjoyed our stay with our small kids. We will always remember you in Delhi. We all will miss you. Thank you for every thing.

Preeti & Paul Harris 2/17/08

Ajay We had a very wonder full stay with You. Thanks

James and Marlin Newbill Geneva, 2/13/08

Everything was very good. You planned our trip and it was really fantastic.Home +Services very nice. you really helped us we enjoyed our stay.We loved the home cooked breakfast.Enjoyed the friendly Host and making all the arrangements.

Anthony & Marilyn Dal Bello 2/13/08

We really had a pleasant stay with you. We will not forget you. When ever you come to Canada do stay with us. You really helped us in arranging whole trip to Delhi,jaipur, Agra.

Susie and Steve

Dear Ajay and Poonem,Thanks very much for a lovely evening with you in Delhi. We really enjoyed meeting you. We hope you got our text. Sadly there wasn't enough time to see you on our way home as we went straight from the station to the airport. In fact it took nearly an hour to get away from the station area!
Altogether we had a wonderful trip and enjoyed Agra, Jaipur and Shimla. All different and all amazing! And of course New Delhi too!
Tom was delighted that we had met up with you. He is working hard but coming home for a few days holiday next week. We have snow on the hilltops here today so it is a lot colder than our holiday!
Please let us know when you are coming to England and hopefully we will meet up, either in London or here if you would like to stay.
We hope that your daughter's exams went well. Good Luck!
All the best to you all,

Geoff Stapleton Australia, 14/12 /07

A lovely time in your Home great Accomodation, Good Sleep, Superb Food and Excellent Host. Very wonderful and exellent Host

Laura (from Belgium) Laura Blog who Stayed with us Jan 08 till march08

Dearest Ajay, Purnima, Ashu and Kokila...
Oh my God, there are so many things I would like to say to you!
THANK YOU are the first words... and then, I MISS YOU!
I came to India for 3 months (for a business programme for young graduates). I was nervous. It was the first time I was going to travel so far, alone, and for so long a period. Even before coming to India, we exchanged emails. You were so kind that all my fears disappeared! Ashu saw to it that I got an Indian mobile number when I arrived, Ajay booked a taxi to pick me up at the airport,...
I stayed 6 weeks in Delhi in your warm family before going to other cities. Those 6 weeks have been the best of all my life! We shared so many things! You really considered me as a member of your family. And this was not just because I was there for a long time: during my stay I saw YOU TREATED ALL YOUR GUESTS WITH THE SAME HOSPITALITY. You really cared for all of us. Even people who came for one or two nights were enjoying the same warm welcome and helpfulness. I remember Purnima who was always cooking DELICIOUS meals (and what a diversity of dishes!), Ajay who was booking the taxis/cars or giving advice about the best places to visit, Ashu who was always ready to help if I had a problem with my laptop (how patient he was! Because I'm not always easy when it goes to technology :-)!), Kokila who made me discover the Indian education system... And then all those dinners together when we talked about India, Hindouism, spirituality, your travels abroad,... There was really an enchanted, intimate atmosphere in the air! Purnima helped me to buy a sari, showed me how to cook (and I learned her how to make Belgian pancakes :-)); I went to the cinema with Ashu; Ajay and Ashu went with me to the railway station to help me reserve my train tickets and those of one of your future guests,... You cheered me up when I wasn't feeling good. We celebrated together the birthday of a friend of mine who happened to be in Delhi for a few weeks too (I had adviced him to come to your B&B and he also fell in love with all of you!) You even invited me to a marriage in your family. We talked to my parents, my brother and my sister in Brussels thanks to Skype (and I witnessed that you also called some of your former guests thanks to the Internet), and so on, and so on!
Well, I have to stop here (you did so many things for me and for all your guests that I cannot mention everything)! But so, to put it shortly, you made me feel at home. It was so hard to say you goodbye, leave you to go to Mumbai! You have become my second mother, father, sister and brother! I'm so happy I'll come back to Delhi in a few weeks... even if it's just for two days, I cannot wait for seeing you again before taking my plane back to Belgium! I've already been missing you so much in Ahmedabad and Mumbai! It was depressing to be in those bad hotels... and the family where I'm staying here in Mumbai is not really friendly... They just consider me as somebody who pays them for a room, nothing else... With you, that was totally different! Thanks for you messages and phone calls to make sure I'm okay far away from you!
See you very soon!
L O V E . . .

Benedicte Manier from Paris France, Dec 11th 2007

I am very Great full to Ajay and Purnima for their Warm and Friendly Hospitality - They made me feel at home and almost like my family during my (Short) Stay.

France Michel 11/12/07

You were a fantastic Host Ajay will going to See you again in India.

Marie - Claude Olivier 11/12/07

Fantastic Hospitality you will see me again. Wonderful stay and Excellent food.

L.Lipovich & A.Suryadi 08/12/07

Excellent room ,Location & Genuine Hospitality .Was a Fun Staying & I made the Best of Delhi . Thanks to Ajay and his team. All the Best.

Claire Martin And Reb. White

What a great find! It's Been so Lovely to enjoy Indian Hospitality at it Best on our Last Day In India . Thank You so much !!! We will Come again Next Season In Winter.

Juli Oliver 12/1/07

Very Pleasant and nice !!!!!! Thank you

Robert, Caron, Harry and Alexandra Reid. Western Australia.27/11/07

Fantastic stay ,great information and friendly service! Wonderful breakfast. Please contact us when you come to Australia. Kind regards

Monty and Yael Penkower Jerusalem, Israel.20/11/07

You are gracious host and we enjoyed the accommodation.We ha our first lession in Hinduism from you .After that, Seeing India meant so much more. Spending Diwali with you bought out the happy child in me .Thank you all!!!

Evike Galajda 20/11/07

I had such a lovely time with you -delicious breakfast! I will recommend this bnb to my friends as we were made to feel very welcome by your Warm Hospitality. Thank you very much!

Joanna Shayer Uk, 20/11/07

Thank your for making our stay in India so Memorable! Your Warm hopitality + kindness have made the experience a pleasure + Unforgetable! We will Be back!!!

David And Renee Brown Australia

Thank you very much for such a wonderful experience ! You have made us feel welcome and comfortable,Just like a member of your family. Every thing was perfect from the delicious breakfast to superb room to execellent Chai!!!!!!! .Please contact us anytime specially if you are in Australia "Cheers"!!!

Imara Shaw Malibu, CA, USA

Thank you For Including me In your celebrations of Diwali An Indian New Year.I enjoyed with Ashu & our shared Journey to Corbert Park and Varanasi.

Bernd Baltruschis, Germany Stayed With us on September 23, 07

"Thank you for such a nice accommodation"

Brilliant room and brilliant service James Coulson. Essex, UK

Dear Ajay and Purnima ,Thanks for your great hospitality and Help .I came for a trip to India and I was going Back to Home with Bad Impression about India. But while staying with your family Home stay I learned 1 thing more that their are 2 sides of coin. I felt very nice at your Home as in my home itself .As i told you that one agent arranged my stay in hotel in a Busy Place which was very much crowded. But when I came to your Home stay i was very much happy as I choose a very nice place to stay and at a very peaceful location. I will always be suggesting my colleges to visit your accommodation.

Tom Waldman 2-4 Nov 2007

Absolutely superb Stay - You made me feel so welcome, - A real home away from home!! thank you so much!

Ricardo Kohan Buenos airs - Argentina 16/7/07

Thank you for all your attention .U made me feel like at home .I hope to return soon....

Jane Hudson, Washington DC September 16, 2007

You have made my last day in India Wonderful. What good way to leave. I will have such a good memories of you and your family. If you are ever in Washington DC, Please call me and I will show you around.Thanks again for making this a wonderful stay here.

James Gilmour, UK

We can't thank you enough for all of your help with the big trip...I can't say enough how great you have been to us and how pleased we are with your service. It is really rare to find customer service in homely environment today that is sincere and delivered with passion...Keep doing it right and you will have nothing but success in all you do. You have won my trust and my friendship! ....

Johnson and Chandra Donna Peoria, AZ

"A Night's Delight ~ A Breakfast to Remember"!

Mike Snoderly USA

Dear Ajay,I am extremely impressed with your personal service and support. The next time I come to New delhi, I will make my reservations again through Royal Bed And Breakfast New Delhi. Thanks for your outstanding service.

Kitty, Brussels

Ajay ,Just finished a four night stay booked through you and had a great time in New Delhi, beautiful place!!!Thanks for your help and assistance with the reservation.I will definatly recommend BNB New Delhi to friends visiting to New Delhi in future.Excellent Service deserves recognition....

Jane Cullen, London, U.K. March 2007

Ajay and Purnima,Thank you so much for the assistance you have given me while in India - it has made my trip hassle free and more enjoyable. I shall be recommending you to my friends.Best Wishes.

Arlene O'Driscoll March 2007

That's great, you are very helpful!! I will definitely be recommending BNB New Delhi. The prices are much more reasonable than booking directly with the hotel.Thank you again!.....

Mike Madden Australia March 2007

"I got your site from YAHOO and your prices are quite competitive with the others. Your services are quite good, thanks........

Argentina March 2007

"Treat the guest as if were God itself". These words spoken by Christ and practised by true Indians have found a wonderful expression in Ajay's Home.

Jessica, NYC, USA March 2007

A great stay! Purnima and Ajay are incredibly gracious and a lot of fun -great sense of humour, lot's of good stories and anecdotes and very, very helpful. You can easily tell how much they enjoy being hosts.

Helene March 2007

Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us. You have been very hospitable & attentive. Its a true haven amongst the city activity. I look forward to a longer visit & stay with you next time. ...

Susan & Ian, Chesterfield, UK March 2007

This is our first time to India & we could not have asked for a better introduction. We have been made so welcome & Purnima's cooking will always be remembered ...

Raj and Kirti, Manchester, UK March 2007

A true home from home. Thanks for making us so welcome. We hope to have an opportunity to repay the hospitality. ... .

Marisa Sixtritti, Aurelia Colombo, Milan, Italy March 2007

During our stay in "Bed & Breakfast New Delhi" everything has been Ok! We have been welcome in a very warm way. The food very delicious. Thanks a lot to the staff and we hope to come again to India.....

Jarrod Webb, Wales April 2007

Food was fab. The airport pickup made things easy. Hosts were great. Not the usual backpacking places we're used to.Ajay &Purnima made our introduction to India a breeze. Thank you very much......

Jarrod Webb, Wales April 2007

You were great hosts for our two nights here. The meals you prepared were very very good. Thank you. ...

Ana marley, USA... May07

I have been here for very extensive dental treatment. All my meals were specially prepared so I could eat them. Too hot this time of year for much sightseeing plus I didn't feel up to it anyway. I will be back in December, staying here, then enjoying some sightseeing. Most of all to enjoy this warm hospitality of family...
Thank you....

Melinda, Ray, Samantha and Max. USA February 2007

We were traveling to New Delhi for the first time and had two young kids with us. Being a visitor to the place, BNB really took great care of me and my family. From an easy transfer from the airport to a comfortable stay, everything was high class and made us feel completely at home. Very warm and hospitable, BNB created a home away from home for us...

Steve, Yorkshire, UK February 2007

I really want to thank you from the core bottom of my heart for the great hospitality that you had showered during my stay. Wonderful room, mouth savoring food and your incredible assistance made my whole trip truly memorable…

Chand & Alexandra, New York city, USA February 2007

Wonderful place, delicious breakfasts and warm welcome… BNB’s overwhelming hospitality made me feel completely at home…

Richard, London, UK February 2007

Thanks for turning our trip into a wonderful experience. Without your great guidance and accommodation facilities, our trip to India would not have been great and memorable…

Cindi Giordano, Plano, Texas, USA February 2007

We are very grateful for all those minute things that BNB has done to make our first trip to India unforgettable right from our arrival. With a hot cup of tea at the arrival to cordial conversation in the evenings, you made our whole expedition absolutely hassle-free…

Penkover, Retd.officer, Birmingham, UK Medical Tourism

Sad to leave my new friends. Welcomed by all. As homely friendly willing to help family. All services gracious traditional catered to needs. Quality time with mom Ajay and the lovely Purnima. My respite care-adequate understanding from all concerned. Many thanks. Sincere wishes....

Robert zing, Professor, UK Medical Tourism

The Ajay family welcomed us into their home on 9th January and made us welcome and comfortable. During our stay we were provided with everything we needed and a lot of help in understanding how to move around and the culture of India. Purnima is an excellent cook. We could not ask for more....

Linda Barber, Graphic Designer, UK Medical Tourism

Welcomed by the Ajay family and made to feel at home. Traditional Indian way of life was a good experience and allowed us to see the real India and not a sanitized blinkered version. Only suggestion would be one or two westernized dishes to be made available, but most enjoyable stay....

SkyriderBCN from Barcelona

I stayed at BnB New Delhi twice during my last trip to India. I felt at home right away with family Bansal. They were most helpful in planning my trip, organized transportation & airport pick-up, etc. The location is ideal in a quiet & posh neighborhood. ( Delhi can be quite loud an stressing ) I will most certainly stay again with my new friends on my next trip to Delhi.
Thank you for a wonderful stay !!!!

TIP: Ask for the room in the main building. It´s the nicest.

Joaquín E. ( Barcelona, Spain )

Naucelle from Beaminster

Ajay and his family made us feel very welcome and were most helpful over our two day stay.

globetreker from Southern California

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Ajay and Purnima's BnB New Delhi. The entire family (a married couple with an adult son and daughter) provided a warm and rich family experience during my stay in New Delhi. Purnima and Ajay greeted me every morning with delicious chai, a hot breakfast, and interesting conversation. The dinner meals I had with the family were the best I had throughout India during a three week stay in the country. Purnima was kind to let me watch and assist in her kitchen as we prepared several 'thali' style dishes for her guests. The family is kind and sincere and helped any questions or needs. They provided assistance with phone calls, reservations, making travel arrangements and confirming flights. Their son, Ashu, provided a lot of information about the culture and trends within the country and I enjoyed these and many other conversations with the family. Their daughter was also pleasant and easily engaged in conversation. I am certain that I will remain in contact with this family as our friendship continues. The room that I had was clean, efficient, and simple. A heater was added when the Delhi weather chilled - I had plenty of warm blankets and comforters. A coffee/tea set up was also handy in the room. Warm water was always available in the shower area. At times, the location of the house was frustrating for the auto rickshaw and taxi drivers to find - map skills are not a strength with many drivers I hired and they had to stop several times to inquire with others about the BnB's location before reaching the house. As far as pricing....yes, there are many, many other options for lodging in New Delhi that are less expensive - but you're not likely to absorb the culture of a home setting or the depth and closeness that a family stay might offer. It was worth the extra price for me to have an authentic family experience - and this was an adorable family ; ) Check out your options, negociate pricing, and enjoy your adventure in India ; ) I absolutely enyoyed my stay with the Bansal family and the BnB New Delhi.

pauliewallnuts from south wales

They are a a very nice and helpul family who cannot do enough to make your stay in Delhi as good as you want it to be.
Ajay goes out of his way to help you get orientated and his wife is one of the best cooks ever!
I travelled with my girlfriend and we were treated with a warm family welcome.
Unfortunately my wallet was stolen on the streets of Delhi. Ajay was very helpful in resolving this difficult situation.
I would strongly recommend it if it's your first trip to Delhi. If it's not your first trip you should still consider it as you won't get the same standard of service, welcome and cooking in Delhi for a better price.

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