When Booking Train Tickets From Outside India

You 1st need to register with IRCTC

https://www.irctc.co.in/ and sign up

Then register at..


When you are a registered user of IRCTC, please communicate with both IRCTC, and Cleartrip, through the email ID registered in your IRCTC user profile “.

Use the exact same details on both sites.

Now you will need to link both these accounts, and no matter what you do you will fail, because you dont have an Indian mobile phone number, and if you do, it, will most probably fail as well.

You will need to write an email, or ten, to both IRCTC and Cleartrip. I suggest to add all the addresses to every email, and do it all in one go





What you are aiming for is to receive an email like this.

Dear Customer,

Please find email OTP and mobile OTP for activation:

Email OTP: ??????

Mobile OTP: ??????

user id : ????? (your ID)

Thanks & Regards

Ws Team

WS Operations


You do not want a text message sent to any mobile phones


Send an email like the one that follows, or copy & paste the one below, and edit it accordingly.


A scanned passport (photo page) should be sent, as an attachment only, and the size of this attachment should be less than 1MB.

Please note that you will receive your mobile verification code through email sent to your registered email ID, as per the example above.

Subject: Re: Cleartrip/IRCTC link accounts FAO Monica Jaiswal Customer care

To: care@irctc.co.in, railesc@cleartrip.com, wsoperations@irctc.co.in

Dear customer services agent.

Please try to understand the following…

or forward this mail to Monica Jaiswal, or Avijit Mitra, (Executives), Customer Care

My name is ??????, I am from the UK or wherever ??????

I am trying desperately to book online train tickets from outside of India.

My 1001 attempts so far, have all failed, and my frustrations are mounting somewhat.

I have registered at Cleartrip.com (Your cleartrip account user ID)

I have registered at IRCTC (your IRCTC account user name here)

The email account registered for them both is .. Your address@here.whatever

My phone number is … +44???????? but as mentioned already it is a UK number

I am unable to receive an SMS OTP from anyone because my phone number does not begin with +91

What I need is to receive both of my OTP passwords by email

In an earlier mail from IRCTC I was asked to send my passport details that this could be forwarded to the “correct department”.

In accordance with that request, my passport photocopy is attached to this mail. Please see attachments.

I trust this will be sufficient information to complete the necessary formalities, and that I will receive my OTP’s by email ASAP

Thanks very much for your anticipated cooperation, in what has so far been a nightmare of frustration, and utter confusion.


Your name here

Good luck all, this does work

Personal Disclaimer : Found this helpful note of Trip advisor from a member from UK