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Bed and breakfast New Delhi India...

Family with Children welcome. Personal attention. stay in Indian Home

Authentic Indian Home made Food

Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day as it gives us the much needed energy after a night's sleep. We Prepare for you the best Indian Breakfast.

Indian Breakfast Choices

Stuffed Indian Breads (in cottage cheese, Potato, Onion, Cauliflower, etc.) in India we say it Parantha. Served with Yogurt and pickle, You can also Use Various Jams.(a type of breakfast mostly eaten in old delhi bazaars).

South Indian Idly, Vada, Samber(made with lenticils)

Chila made with lenticils shape like indian Pan Cake with filled Cheese Stuffing open.

potato Bhaji and purri - This is potato bhajji and Purri with Air Inside it. If you have never tried it you must try it a bet you will love it.

Rice Poha

Wheat Dalia ( porach)

We have so many dishes in Indian Breakfast every day you cn go for a new dish. We make sure that all our dishes are non spicy and taste like Delicious Indian Breakfast.

English Breakfast

Choice of Full boiled / half boiled eggs / Scrmbled eggs.

Omelettes with choices of Indian Breads / Toast.

Choice of Jams to choose from orange marmalade, Pineaple jam, mango jam, strawberry jam, apple jam, apple jam, Mixed fruit jam and many other country's best jams to choose from.

Choice of Butter - we have normal butter, peanut butter etc.

Juices are the main component of breakfast - enjoy some of the juices which you may not have tried like Guava juice,mango juice, Mosmi Juice ,orange juice. We also give fresh juice on Seasonal basis.

Fruits - India is one of the largest exporter of some of Popular fruits like mangoes which have more than 250 Varities try some of the varities ( in Season), We have popular apples, cherries, strawberries from Himachal, Kashmir and other nehibouring areas. Other fruits which we keep are Guava, pineapple,orange, Bel fruit, mustard apple, chikoo, bananas etc. Based on season.

King Size Dinner

Immerse yourself in Indian Culture and dine with local family as family members. For making more holistic experience for our guest and make your visit more memorable. This is an opportunity to learn more about local life, Indian lifestlye, different cuisine, traditions of Home life and Importance of Family in Indian Culture.

Learn the way Indian meals are prepared in Indian Way. We serve Vegetarian meals because in India their is well of vegitables and vegetarian dishes. You yourself will notice when in India. Learn about the food and the traditional spices and techniques used in preparation.

You might have just seen one or two type of bread enjoy meals with multi grain breads.

After dinner try some of Indian Sweets. We bring you different kind of sweets every time.

Please note - we prepare vegitarian dishes. If you like to order Non Vegitarian Dishes that can be ordered from outside.

"Let me give you taste of India from here - have you tried Maka ki roti and sarson ka saag, palak paneer(spinich with cottage cheese) Have you ever tried Gajjar ka halwa (carrot sweets) with pistacho & nuts. No well you can try it all here"

BNB New Delhi Room Tariff

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India Medical Tourism

Location more suited for medical tourist. Near to prominent hospitals like Escorts, Apollo Hospital...

Delhi Fairs and Exhibition center

Location more suited for Trade fairs in Delhi and National Capital Region like Noida, Greater Noida.

Common wealth Games 2010

Venues and the location of Games to be held in Delhi.

Introduction to New Delhi

Start your INCREDIBLE INDIA TOUR from this place.

Authentic India Homemade food

Relish the taste of Indian dishes. Try the best Indian Food Maharaja style. Healthy and tasty.