Why Stay at Indian Home ?

Incredible India Bed and Breakfast scheme was launched in India during common wealth games. Since then it has become very popular.

BnB New Delhi Bed and Breakfast offers their home to tourist and Guest who want to come to India to experience a traditional Indian Hospitality. At our Delhi home stay we enjoy meeting people sharing local knowledge about culture, history, people, places in India and way how people live here.

We invite tourists to our home stay in historic Capital of India, New Delhi where many empires rose and fell before dawn. Delhi is full of historical buildings, heritage sites, temples etc. The country’s finest museums, whether it is the National Museum, the Craft Museum, the Rail Museum, or the Museum of Natural History and Science, are all in Delhi. Every state of India has its ownemporium at New Delhi, where a tourist can buy or select among handicrafts, textiles and jewelry of a particular region. You have so many things to do in Delhi that you require at least a week.

At this Indian home stay in New Delhi you never feel yourself as a tourist but an integral part of family with personal attention taken all times, anything you need, any information you require, any query you have regarding India, its people and preparation of your itinerary for travelling around India we are always here to help you in minute detail.

In Delhi Home stay you are most welcome to attend any Wedding, functions or festival Celebrations with us during your stay here at b&b

Enjoy the home cooked Indian Food – Relish the taste of Indian dishes – Learn how to cook them. We welcome guest to Indian Kitchen. Watch and participate in Indian Cooking Classes.

We have kept all type of amenities for your comfortable stay in India like Wifi Internet service, Refrigerator, air-conditioned rooms, Telephone, Fax, mobile rentals, safe drinking water ( use of mineral water bottles) etc. For your privacy we have separate entrance for the rooms.

We receive lot of returning guest and now we can say we have extended family all over the world. Join us on face book. Check out our blog posts.

We are not very far from airport it just takes 25 min by road or less depends upon the traffic in Delhi (first encounter in India) which is worth a delight for first time travelers to India. How people drive in Zig-Zag around lanes and still there are no major accidents. We are quite close to city center. Most of the places on tourist circuit can be covered with in 30 min. Our main motive is that you enjoy every bit of India, culture, history and cuisine (especially Indian and Muglai food) . If you are in India you must try the Indian sweets you will love it.

We wish you a safe journey to India. India is the safest place to travel in the world.

Ajay Bansal and Purnima Bansal (your host in Delhi)