BnB New Delhi is only bed and Breakfast in New Delhi that allow pet such as dog, cat, etc…Vacation with your loved companion in India.

Dog and Cat Friendly accommodation in New Delhi

We understand your pet is part of the family, so we say, bring them along! We are bed and Breakfast Homestay in New Delhi offering our guest comforts of Homestay. If you are a pet owner and want to bring them with you to Delhi while travelling you are most welcome.

Terms and Condition for Pet Owners at our accommodation

We only offer accommodation. We are located in a posh colony of new Delhi with lot of garden with walking tracks. You can take you pet for walk outside the house. It’s safe here to walk inside gated colony.

We assume that if you are traveling with your pet you would be carrying its food with you.

Guest is responsible for any and all damages to the premises caused by the pet, including, but not limited to: urine, chewing, scratching or destruction of property.

We do not allow pets near the dinning area since some guest might be alergic to pets.

Pet owner must compulsorily carry bed linen – bedsheets & pillow covers, so that the pet does not destroy or dirty the same in the room. In case your pet is shedding a lot kindly cover the sofa in the room with a bedsheet.

Owners should bring pet bedding and dishes; no pets permitted on the beds or furniture. Protective covers advisable, “just in case.”

Pets cannot be left alone in guest rooms, and must be with their owners at all times .

Just like these we have certain Terms and Condition.

Please mail us at if you are arriving with your companion and if you have any type of request.