Apartment in New Delhi – Extended stay In India

Begin discover Delhi for a vacation on business or for any other reason and are looking for accommodation you have come to the right site.- Bed and breakfast New Delhi host Ajay Bansal can help you find service apartment. He can help you in all documentation and preparation of lease agreements for long stays or permanent stays through well known Brokers in Delhi. Usually it happens when you are in Delhi sometimes are not able to get right apartment of your choice.

How can we help you?

You need to send us your requirement for apartment. We will search for an apartment according to your needs and budget. When you come to Delhi instead of staying at hotel you can choose to stay at our Delhi Bed and breakfast home stay. This way we know each other and at least you know someone local who can help you out regarding the thing you need. You stay in family and become part of family. During your stay in India any time you require anything from us you are most welcome as friends.

We arrange both Long stay Rental and short stay rentals in Delhi.

Please note there is no pressure that you have to rent or take an apartment through our broker or property agent. You also search for other property agents who can give you better deal than us. We just give you services of Home stay. Other services are additional.

We can help you providing

Student apartment rental in Delhi – For students coming from International countries need a safe and secure place to stay before they can find their choice of apartment especially for single women and girl students. What can be better place than a home stay? We arrange apartment for students for Intern-ship.
Expatriate Relocation Location – If you are shifting to New Delhi and need a place that is safe and secure, with ample parking space and assistance with regular things then this can be the right place to experience Indian home and become friends in Delhi.
Long stay Service apartment – We can help you get long stay service apartment, furnished or unfurnished.

Delhi apartments are carefully chosen and are all located in South Delhi, Faridabad and Noida.