Welcome to BnB New Delhi – A Indian Home Stay.

Whether coming for Dental treatment in delhi, Dental implants, Root canal treatment,Bone Grafting or replacement of missing tooth. we invite you to our Bed and Breakfast in Delhi which can be good option for staying in Delhi.

We are a home stay and welcome you to stay with us while geting your dental treatment done in Delhi.

Our location is quite close to popular Dental Clinics like

Smile Delhi Clinic,

32 Smile stone Dental Clinic,

Dr. Kathuria Dental Care Clinic,etc.
Some of the services offered by these dental care clinic include dental Implants which gives your teeth healthy natural look.ceramic crowns, smile makeovers, root Canal treatment, fixed teeth replacement, cosmetic Smile designing, R.C.T, teeth whitening, gum treatment & surgeries, bone grafting, mobile teeth solution, braces, kids dentistry, impacted teeth removal, patient education,etc.

 Offer for guest coming for dental surgeries or treatment in delhi.

We offer special discounts for Longer stays.

Dental Tourism in India has gained emmense popularity over the last few years. People from all over the world no longer hesitate to travel and seek dental treatment outside their country.