Recover at Comfort of Home

India world classs medicare at affordable fees – Visitors from western World and other advanced countries can avail the same and higher standards of expertise and equipment that they can get in their home contries at Fraction of cost and without having to wait in long queues. New Delhi. Medical Tourism in India is becomming a most fascinating concept, Gaining quick recognition and enabling people from all over the globe to visit india for their medical treatment.

What we do? well if you have decided to come to New Delhi and have Medical Treatment in Apollo Hopital, Escorts hospital, Max Hospital than Recuperate from your operation at our place. we are quite close to these hospitals. These are just takes 5 min from our accommodation to reach these places. We can help you with the organization of your treatment as well. We can provide you with Special meals, Good transport to from Hospital, Special short term trips from Delhi etc. With Us you just have to explain your requirement once unlike at a hotel where staff changes shift and you are required to explain everytime a new person appears.Health Tourism India.

Nothing can help your recover faster than the care of family attention. Plus we will take care of your special dietary needs. Are beds are the best, very comfortable, equipped with ‘Comfort Plus’ Mattress (even the best hotels are yet to provide this). According to medical consultants, inner spring mattresses are correct for sleeping purpose. Also, the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre has stressed that Comfort Plus Spring well mattresses fulfill all requirements for medical physiological needs and provide the right postures support. Mattress that is comfortable, supportive, high-quality and high-value is important for patients with back pain. The rooms air-conditioned, well appointed, clean with attached bathrooms. One room is on ground floor. Please book early as we get sold out very quickly, especially during the season.

In this Delhi’s Bed and Breakfast you will never be alone, uncertain or insecure. You will receive the most pragmatic advice while planning your trip and procedure, and during your stay in India you will enjoy a high level of personal care, attention and handholding that ensures a completely carefree experience. Bed and breakfast medical accommodation, Delhi, India Have easy access to all prominent hospitals (Escort, Apollo) are just near this Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Delhi, India.


Delhi Medical Tourism. Dental Treatment in Delhi. Cosmetic Surgery. Face Lift. Spine Surgery.
Some treatments: Eye treatment-Ophthalmology, Liver transplant,Kidney transplant, Skin disorders, Orthopedics surgery, Neuro-sciences , Gastroentology, Respiratory problems, Dental treatment, Baldness treatment, Internal medicine, Laparoscopy, Cosmetic surgery, Angiographies, Angioplasty, Fat reduction, Yoga, Ayurvedic, medicine, Homeopathy

Other treatments also available like: Bone Marrow Transplant, Brain Surgery, Cancer Procedures (Oncology), Cardiac Care, Cosmetic Surgery, Dialysis and Kidney Transplant, Drug Rehabilitation, Obstetrics, Health, Internal/Digestive Procedures, Joint Replacement Surgery, Nuclear Medicine, Neurosurgery & Trauma Surgery, Preventive Health Care, Refractive Surgery, Osteoporosis, Spine Related, Urology, Vascular Surgery